Culture Bazaar 2013

Free Community Organised Multicultural Event

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Music 2012

Staro Banda

Romanian folk music

Bratu Marin on Trumpet, Bratu Gheorghe on Trumpet, Florea Neculai on Tambourine, Tala Petre on Drums

Staro Banda are musicians who have a passion for not just traditional Romanian folk music, they will also have you toetapping to music that includes nomadic styles such as flamenco, klezmer, fado, plus some Turkish, Armenian, and even Celtic styles.

Staro Banda will be performing and visitors can take the opportunity to learn about the culture & history the musical influences that inspire them.

Anna Golebiewska

After graduating in English studies from the University in Bydgoszcz I started to work as a teacher of English in Poland. Few years later me and my husband decided to come to England. At the moment I work as a Bilingual Consultant at Riverside Recruitment. However, I have always loved music and as a student I used to sing with a local band with whom I gave a few concerts. When I started my job as a teacher I had to stopped working with them and since then I've been missing singing very much."



Anna would be playing at CB 2012





"My name is Tomek vel. Diobel. I come from Kielce, Poland. Since 2008 I make and play my own music. You can find my samples on and also I have my own radio broadcast every Wednesday at Radio Bigos ( I'm very happy that I can show my passion on Culture Bazaar 2012"


Diobel would be playing at CB 2012

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