Culture Bazaar 2013

Free Community Organised Multicultural Event

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Performance / Workshops 2012

Nepalese Dance


Indian dance

Thai Dance


Cumbria Egyptian Dance

Egyptian Dance gives us a chance to connect with something steeped in history & can be enjoyed by people of all ages and levels of fitness, it helps nurture the dancer’s self esteem and positive body image and develops a sense of balance, spatial awareness and connection with ourselves and with other dancers through the dance itself  as well as via a social calendar of activities and events we’re involved in.

There is no need to dance with bare tummies, it’s a dance which develops each individual’s own skills and style. Those of us who are dancing today are continuing a legacy handed to us by inspiring women from here and from all over the world – women who have shared a love of natural movement.

Come and join in – It could change how you feel about many things and start you on a new journey with new friends, a journey full of laughter and provide you with a fun and enjoyable way to help you stay fit for life.

Jessica Lewis

RRCA Dance Performance

RRCA Mob  Performance

Zumba/ nia/ yoga

KUNG FU workshop & demonstration

The Eastriggs Kung Fu Club began in 2003 by Tony Pang. Initially it was merely to teach self-defense to his family and friends when interest spread. Si fu Pang (Si fu meaning master in Chinese which is traditionally used to call your teacher) teaches wing chung and choy lee fut forms of kung fu. As a child he also learned the traditional Chinese unicorn and lion dances from relatives in Hong Kong and he continued his training when he moved to the UK.

Now every Saturday and Sunday there are classes held in Eastriggs near Annan in a friendly environment teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Kung Fu particularly helps children to improve their fitness levels as well as increasing their concentration, co-ordination and confidence which encourages good behaviour. Tai chi helps to keep the mind clear and focused while improving balance, breathing, circulation and concentration. Additionally improvements are seen to stamina and flexibility while developments are seen to discipline and self-control.

These classes are not for profit but to enlighten others and teach them about Chinese culture. Anyone of any age and ability is welcome to take part and join these easy-to-learn classes as we aim to teach self defense while improving fitness and overall health.

Chinese Lion Dance

The history of lion dancing dates back more than a thousand years and has always been an integral part of chinese culture.

READ More: The lion itself is regarded as a guardian creature to drive away evil spirits, which is why many ancient buildings and palaces you see today, have lion statues guarding the entrances. Although there are many stories on how lion dancing came about, most will agree that the dance is said to bring good luck and prosperity. For this reason, it is very common to see the lion dance being performed on special occasons, such as festivals, birthdays, weddings, opening of businesses and the Chinese New Year.

Traditionally, a typical performance usually involves two performers (representing the head and tail of the lion) mimicking the movements of the lion, accompanied by the sound of a drum, cymbals and gong. The person responsible for the head portrays the emotions of the lion whilst the tail coordinates its movements with the front, and in some cases carrying out acrobatic stunts.  Lion dancing has become very popular over the years and practised within chinese communities across the world, especially with the younger generations. Lion dance competitions have also gained widespread popularity and media coverage. These performances require the dancers to jump between poles (or Jong), demonstrating accuracy, coordination and acrobatic skills



The Fenix project

Bati will be performing fire show, using flourescent colour ribbons and flying them skillfully, very entertaining, and visitors will get the chance to have a go and learn to fire dance



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Football Tricks - Lucas

Lucas is from Poland and he does a performance with a football, with his legs, arms, body etc. He is very skilful and is entertaining to watch.  He will also be running a workshop to show young people how to learn some of his skills.  Bring a football!









Singing Polish & English

SK Entertainment - DJ

Japanese Tea Ceremony

African Drummers

Samba band

Creole Dance

Prism Arts/ Puppetry

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