Culture Bazaar 2013

Free Community Organised Multicultural Event

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Culture Bazaar 2007 - AWGC

In December 2006 it became eveident that Carlisle lacked the opportunity for the community as a whole to come together & celebrate the diversity from a grass roots level.

People were afraid to ask questions in case they offended people.  Polictical correctness gone mad!  The best way to learn is to talk to each other & ask questions to allay the misconceptions all people have, whether from hearsay, the media or misinformed sources.

Saj asked some local asian women to come together to form a small group, to enable the event to get funding, to have more performances & activities, by engaging with customers that came to HDM Spice Shop.  For people to reduce feeling isolated & unwelcomed.  Also to learn to be comfortable in one's own skin & be proud of one's heritage.

In June 2007, the Eid Milan Event was renamed as Culture Bazaar.  TIckets were sold to raise money for Cancer Research Relay for Life with around 200 people attending

The leaflet was printed in Poliish, Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, Bengali & Urdu

HDM Spice SHop customers volunteered with the day's activities, even having Father Kevin Dorgan to an Indian food demo & play the accordion.

It was the only dry sunday in June & the weather was glorious.  What made the day was the sense of friendship, acceptance & excitement.

Culture Bazaar was well reported on by the local papers & had Border TV come down & do a feature too.

The main response from visitors was how important it was for people of all backgrounds being able to come together & celebrate with the community to improve cohesion, understanding & awareness of cultures from around the world right on our doorstep!

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