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Free Community Organised Multicultural Event

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Culture Bazaar 2008 - AWGC

CULTURE BAZAAR 2008 July 6th

TRINITY SCHOOL, Strand Road, Carlisle CA1 1JB

11pm-6pm FREE


What is CULTURE BAZAAR 2008?

It is becoming annual event where different cultures are celebrated through music, dance, clothing, art & food. It is open for all to come, enjoy & experience. Everyone is welcome, Dress code is Ethnic, That could be a sari, Kilts, Kimonos, African dress etc to share the vibrancy of cultures.

The emphasis is on attracting local ethnic group people to get involved & display their culture through their way of life, here in Cumbria, while other Cumbrians get the chance to see, feel & taste the authenticity of different peoples perspectives.

What is CULTURE BAZAAR 2008?

It celebrates other cultures with music, dance, clothing, art & food.

Who organises it & how is it funded?

The Asian Womens Group Carlisle (AWGC). We apply for funding from various funders, who do not tell us what to do, but support & encourage our efforts to promote community cohesion and our culture in our own way.

What is different about CULTURE BAZAAR 2008 to other cultural events?

It is not organised by City or County Councils, but supported by BME (Black & multi ethnic) volunteers who live & work in Cumbria. The aim is to attract local & ethnic group people to get involved & display their culture themselves, here in Cumbria, while other Cumbrians get the chance to see, feel & taste the authenticity of other perspectives from the people who live it. It brings together locals & people from different ethnicities. A project this ambitious relies on all members of the community offering skills & support.


CULTURE BAZAAR 2008 will be focussing around three continents. Asia, Africa & Europe. Many of the people involved are volunteers. It brings together various small ethnic community groups, individuals & others who have something to offer in return for sharing information & support &, more importantly, community cohesion.

Food: Cumbrian, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Indian, African, Chinese, Nepalese, Polish

Dance Workshops: Egyptian, Bengali, Bollywood, Indian, Salsa, World Dance Fest with local children & World Peace Ceremony.

Music: Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra, Fusion Drumming, World Music, Chinese & African drumming

Other Activities: Paintballing, Traveller Story telling, Chinese Dance & musicians, Cycling & stalls & displays. Free Greek & Indian food tasting & Beauty makeovers courtesy of Carlisle College Students. The Army will provide paintballing, climbing wall & other activities. The Culture Bazaar belongs to ordinary people with ordinary lives who want to make a difference to racial harmony & understanding. Everyone is welcome, dress up, come in saris, come in kilts, come in fun & all that represents friendship!


For more info go to & click on Culture Bazaar.

Asian Womens Group Carlisle (AWGC) is a community group, which applies for funding. Trinity School has very generously offered to host this years event.

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